Sunday Fun Day

On a Sunday, before I settle down to some dissertation work, I like to go for brunch. This breakfast/lunch combination may seem rather Gossip Girl (which I love and I am not ashamed to admit it! I read the books and watched all the series) however to lie-in on a Sunday and then head out for some lovely food is the perfect way to start the week, refreshed for Monday. In Edinburgh there are a million lovely cafes to chose from, and since the sun was shining today, my flatmate and I decided to walk up and try a place we hadn’t been to before on Hanover Street called Papii. It was bright and cosy inside and I had a veggie breakfast panini and a smoothie, it was really nice however I was so jealous of my flatmates halloumi and aubergine sandwich which I will definitely go back for!


After that it was time for a spot of retail therapy, and we headed to The Body Shop. I love the body shop, and my boyfriend’s mum always buys me lovely things from there, such as a pink Leona Lewis blusher brush that I got for Christmas this year, and the peach body butter in summer. I also have a card which entitles me to 10% off all year round, which forms the basis of this blog which is my love of a good deal! Today though was an absolute goldmine of discounts. I got a make-up brush set of five brushes for £30, which was actually worth £58, and are currently being used at London Fashion Week! This purchase entitled me to a free gift worth £22.50, then I saw that the lipbalms were 3 for 2 (one is missing in the picture because I gave one to my flatmate) after that was put through I handed over my card, which was actually out of date and to renew was normally £5 but it was free today and entitled me to a further 20% off PLUS a free shower gel! It was my most successful shopping trip in a long time and I can’t wait to try all my new products, what do you do on a Sunday, are there any great deals around that I’ve missed? Tweet me @caitlinclem!


Now it’s time for some noodles & the BAFTAs!



Lilac Inspiration

As I said in my previous post, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting lilac dip dye. Here is the inspiration, the gorgeous Magdalena Frackowiak, found on Pinterest:


When I did work experience for Elle magazine during fashion week in September 2011, I used some wash-out pastel pink colour and I loved it:

Photo on 2011-09-08 at 19.33

However my hair isn’t this long right now after going for the chop for 2014, will it look okay? Should I go for it? Decisions decisions! I’m desperate to try some of the Bleach London products that you can get in Boots, they are only £5 and the colours are amazing, should I go for Parma Violets or Rose though? So many questions! Tweet me your thoughts @caitlinclem


Pretty In Print

Spring is JUST round the corner, I can feel it. It doesn’t matter that it was snowing today, because it’s finally light past five, and the light from my laptop as I purchase some gorgeous print pieces is enough to guide me into Spring during the darker hours. I was beyond excited to read about the Peter Pilotto collaboration with Target, even better, it was selling on Net-a-Porter! I had the date in the diary and my alarm set for 9am, but DISASTER I slept in. I awoke to a panicked text from my mum, “It’s online NOW” I still managed to get some gorgeous pieces, my favourite being the patterned top that I featured in my column (below) however I just missed the gorgeous crepe dress (also below). What to do?! I did what any dedicated shopper would do, woke up my little brother who studies in New York at 4am and demand his address so I can order it from the Target website, yes he was a liiitttttle mad at me but I think it was worth it! Other printed items on my Must Buy list include French Connection’s ‘Summer Bark’ dress, also featured in the column, and I am having such an obsession with make up products at the moment, and Topshop’s snake-skin make up bag is a perfect addition to this. Alongside these DVF make up pouches that I i’ve ordered, I’m obsessed with the print! In other news I’m thinking lilac tips for my hair, its 7 weeks until dissertation hand in (I die) and I need something cheerful to focus on! Our Grad ball is in about 10 weeks though, so it will need to be gone by then as I’m going to go classy and traditional to that, dress to follow soon…



Pouches from DVF, available here    &     Topshop make-up bag, available here


My column, out every Wednesday in Edinburgh Now, free inside the Daily Record!


The Dress! from Target

Edinburgh Now

These past few weeks have been the most exciting time of my life! I now have my own fashion column in the Daily Record, in their new Edinburgh Now supplement, and the first one was published this past Wednesday. It’s a weekly column so if you’re in Edinburgh on a Wednesday please grab one! This site will now be for my personal purchases and deals and any additions to my column.


The column:


My first column!

My first column!

Hope you enjoy!

Caitlin xo

The Breakfast Club – Summer Smoothie


It may not be the coolest thing to admit, but I absolutely LOVE America’s craft queen Martha Stewart, especially her food site Whole Living. You will see a lot of meals from her website featured here, reworked for students&savers. However this easy breakfast treat needs no altering!

You will need:

1 ripe banana

1 1/2 cups strawberries (frozen or fresh)

3/4 cup plain low fat yogurt

2 tablespoons honey

Blend & Enjoy! xo

Here is the making of our breakfast treat:







Runway Your Way

I love the website Runway Dreamz . However their stuff is SO pricey, and when you can wear shorts for maybe two months of the year in the UK, the pricetag just isn’t practical. So my boyfriends very creative little sister came up with the answer, we would make our own. You can tailor them to your tastes and just in time for summer as well!

You will need:

  • Charity Shop Jeans (we got these ones for £2!)
  • Bleach
  • Dye, the colour of your choice
  • Scissors


Firstly, immerse the jeans in bleach up until your desired point of the shorts (I wanted mine lighter from just underneath the pockets) leave them overnight and then hang them to dry outside (if you ever get a day without rain!). Once they are dry, try them on and cut them to your desired length. We also added some rips for effect. Then, once your shorts are cut, pop them in a bucket of dye, following the instruction. What happens is the die is lighter in the bleached areas giving a really nice effect. I liked mine like this but you can add studs or applique too to get the shorts of your dreamz!


Tweet us a picture of your shorts once they are done, here’s ours! xo

our lovely shorts